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Chargebacks are a crucial safeguard that boosts public confidence in using credit and debit cards for online purchases in particular. An item on a customer’s account statement or transactions report that is successfully disputed is refunded to the customer’s payment card as a chargeback. Both debit and credit cards are open to chargebacks. A cardholder …

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Recovery Services

As of right now, there is little to no official oversight of online trading, and there is hardly any enforcement of regulations to stop internet scammers from defrauding people. In order to help victims of online fraud recover their losses and get back to normal, Fast Refund Group guides them through the necessary recovery procedures. …

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Wire Recall

A bank wire transfer is recalled in the event of a wire recall, and the funds are then returned to the initiator’s account. This can be completed in a very limited amount of time. It is the merchant’s responsibility to repay the money after the recipient’s bank has approved payment. This can result in a …

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