As of right now, there is little to no official oversight of online trading, and there is hardly any enforcement of regulations to stop internet scammers from defrauding people. In order to help victims of online fraud recover their losses and get back to normal, Fast Refund Group guides them through the necessary recovery procedures.

The process starts with a free consultation during which we determine if you have a case or not. After we determine that your case is a valid one and the decision to move forward is reached, you will be introduced to your case manager, who will assist you throughout the entire process. You can get in touch with the case manager you were given at any moment and give them the necessary information regarding your circumstance.

Step 1


The comprehensive services offered by Fast Refund Group include a free consultation during which we will give you all the information you need to start your case.

Step 2

Gathering Information

You will be given information and instructions on how we will start the process of recovering your lost money after gathering all the relevant information, verifying that your request is genuine and that fraud has truly occurred.

Step 3

Building a Strategy

We will choose the finest and most effective line of action with your input in order to successfully recover your funds.

Step 4


We are awaiting the outcome of the action that was performed.


Keep in mind that the financial and commercial regulations are on your side. The violators are the dishonest businesses, and they are the ones who have the most to worry.