Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Regarding Us​

Fast Refund Group is an American fund recovery firm with a global focus and an international client base. We help consumers recover assets lost in online transactions and help with complex fund recovery scenarios including authorized transactions.

Questions regarding fund recovery

Yes, provided that you did not receive the promised service as a result of the authorized transaction. The majority of fraudulent businesses misrepresent the services they offer. If the transaction is to be regarded as binding, it must also satisfy industry-specific regulatory benchmarks, even if the corporation did adhere to the wording of its promise to you. These are obviously standards that they frequently fail to meet.

Depending on the specifics of your case. Following your free consultation, we will give you our first estimate of your chances before moving forward, and we will provide you a more precise assessment once our experts have finished gathering and analyzing the necessary evidence. Fast Refund Group makes a point of never instilling false optimism, but if we believe you have a chance we will assist you in pursuing all available options to make sure you receive what is yours.

No, the banks have a division dedicated to handling these disputes, and once you receive a chargeback, the money is reimbursed through the receiving bank rather than yours. Your relationship with your bank won't suffer in any way if you stand up for your basic rights.

Questions regarding working together

You typically have one chance to file a dispute (chargeback) with your bank against a fraudulent business. We understand how to improve the chances that a chargeback will be approved.

Step 1: Consultation.

The comprehensive services offered by Fast Refund Group include a free consultation during which we will give you all the information you need to start your case.

Step 2: Gathering Information

You will be given information and instructions on how we will start the process of recovering your lost money after gathering all the relevant information, verifying that your request is genuine and that fraud has truly occurred.

Step 3: Building a Strategy

We will choose the finest and most effective line of action with your input in order to successfully recover your funds.

Step 4: Results

We are awaiting the outcome of the action that was performed.